Suggested "combined tree" conditions for success

tridge at tridge at
Wed Sep 10 06:17:20 GMT 2008

Hi Volker,

Regarding perl/python dependence, I think there are more levels to
this than just whether we depend on it for development or runtime use.

Right now Samba3 needs perl for compiling IDL for development work,
and Samba4 additionally needs python for installation and
administration tools. 

I think it would be more of a problem if we needed an external
language like perl/python for the core functionality at runtime, as
that would potentially make it quite hard for some embedded uses of

I originally chose the EJS scripting language to embed in Samba
largely because I wanted to avoid depending on external languages at
runtime, but too many other developers didn't like my choice
(particularly the lack of debug tools), so we ended up with
python. That seems to be working out fairly well, except that it does
tie us much more to having python installed on the system in order to
administer it. Given that python is very widely available now, I don't
see that as a showstopper.

Cheers, Tridge

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