winbind nss info

Herb Lewis hlewis at
Tue Sep 9 23:58:46 GMT 2008

I'm really confused at how this is supposed to work. I tried
setting this in my smb.conf and I get all kinds of errors.

here is my smb.conf global section

         security = ads
         name resolve order = lmhosts host bcast
         workgroup = w2k3
         password server = cavm2-42
         realm = W2K3.CALAB.PANASAS.COM
         idmap domains = W2K3
         idmap config W2K3: backend = ad
         idmap config W2K3: schema_mode = rfc2307
         winbind nss info = rfc2307

In log.winbindd-idmap I see the messages about the idmap nss backends
being registered. However in log.wb-W2K3 where nss_get_info is called
it doesn't see it because that winbindd never registered them. Am
I doing something wrong here or can this never work?

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