winbindd GETPWNAM

Herb Lewis hlewis at
Mon Sep 8 20:33:29 GMT 2008

I was trying to setup samba to use idmap_ad with the rfc2307
schema. I had a user that had a primary group of Domain Users
but I did not give Domain Users a unix GID so instead I just
assigned a GID number for the user. I noticed that winbindd
did not retrieve this information for the GETPWNAM call but
instead tried to do a sid2gid call for the primary group SID.

I noticed that the idmap_ad module defined a get_nss_info
function that would have returned the proper information.
Why doesn't winbindd use that function if defined? I really
don't understand the purpose of the nss_get_info function.
What is it's intended use? Is there some documentation on
it somewhere?

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