Suggested "combined tree" conditions for success

Kai Blin kai at
Mon Sep 8 10:57:41 GMT 2008

On Monday 08 September 2008 10:54:23 Stefan (metze) Metzmacher wrote:
> Kai Blin schrieb:
> > On Monday 08 September 2008 10:29:53 Stefan (metze) Metzmacher wrote:
> >> Kai Blin schrieb:
> >>> Personally, I'm just waiting for the combined build system to hit so I
> >>> can start converting over the utilities I'm working on.
> >>
> >> you can already start, you just need to rebase
> >> (or git format-patch && git am) when the final branch is ready...
> >
> > I'm waiting for being able to "make" in the root dir, but you're right.
> > It should be possible to move the first utils now. I'm not short on todo
> > list items, though, so I don't lose much by waiting for Jelmer's updated
> > build system patch.
> What utils do you want to move? Be careful as the same utils sometimes
> don't do the same and operate on different databases.

I was thinking about wbinfo, but I forgot that after creating libwbclient 
wbinfo in S3 changed again. Last I looked at it, I had the differences 
between S3 and S4 down to a couple of includes in the header file, but now 
they're pretty different again.

Anyway, nsswitch/winbind_nss_* seem like good candidates. Looking at 
winbind_nss_linux.c, they're pretty identical, not counting the thread-safety 
changes that were not ported to the S4 copy.

The other utilities will need some extra steps, like getting a unified netapi 
API for net. For a later milestone, I guess.


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