[SCM] Samba Shared Repository - branch v3-0-test updated - release-3-0-32-11-g0b39c04

Jeremy Allison jra at samba.org
Thu Sep 4 23:57:31 GMT 2008

On Thu, Sep 04, 2008 at 07:51:49PM -0400, simo wrote:

> Dunno, the man page seem clear that it should be called, and we have
> evidence that, at least on some systems, it helps, I see no reason why
> it should go.

Arg. But on further consideration I think that man page
is bollocks :-). If it *really* worked like that it would
be broken. Really broken...

And you should close out that RH bugzilla
entry, as it's *definately* not needed on Linux.

> Unless we can prove there is a substantial performance problem keeping
> it.

Waiting for those results :-).


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