[PATCH] Allow building Samba 4 inside the Samba 3 build process

Jelmer Vernooij jelmer at samba.org
Wed Sep 3 21:49:07 GMT 2008

The attached patch makes it possible for Samba 4 to be built
in ../samba4 if the sources for samba4 were found in ../samba4. It will
automatically run the Samba 4 configure tests as part of the Samba 3
configure and build the samba 4 binaries as bin/{smbd,smbclient,etc}4.

It also adds git submodule magic in ../samba4, making it possible to
check out the right version of samba4 in the right place simply by

 $ git submodule init
 $ git submodule update

Afterwards, it is possible to update the copy of Samba 4 simply by

 $ git submodule update

Running "make test" in this combined tree will automatically run both
the samba 3 and the samba 4 testsuite.

This patch should still allow Samba 3 to be built without Samba 4
present. There are two minor issues that prevent this at the moment, but
I hope to sent an updated patch that resolves this tomorrow.



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