[Samba] Samba 3.2, Samba 3.3 release planning

Christian Perrier bubulle at debian.org
Wed Oct 22 16:35:50 GMT 2008

Quoting Michael Adam (ma at sernet.de):

> If I am not completely wrong, this had been decided as well
> as follows: A release will reach EOL when the next release
> goes into maintenance mode, i.e. when the second next release
> comes out. With the aimed release cycle of 6 months, this means
> that each release will go into maintenance mode after 6 months
> and reach EOL anonther 6 months later. Example: 3.2 will go into
> maintenance mode in december 2008, when 3.3 is scheduled for
> release, and 3.2 will reach EOL around June 2009 (?) when 3.4 is
> scheduled.
> At least that is what Karolin had proposed and as far as I
> remember at least noone had objected. (Time will tell if the
> workload is manageable with such a tight release cycle.)

have you folks settled on a security support maintenance window,
i.e. having some kind of commitment to try supporting security patches
for releases that are no longer in maintenance mode.

You see where I'm going, I think: what will happen if security issues
are discovered after June 2009 ? Is there a chance that, at least in a
best effort mode, some patches are provided for 3.2.* series?

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