[libsmbclient] Windows XP 10 connection limit

ZeWaren / Erwan Martin main at zewaren.net
Mon Oct 6 20:45:39 GMT 2008

I'm building a small script that scans my local network and lists the 
files located on it.
I'm using libsmbclient to get the list of shares on each computer.

However, when I scan windows XP computers, I can only open 10 shares on 
them, then I get some 'access denied' errors. I google that problem and 
found out that this limit is normal, ie you can only open 10 connections 
to a windows xp computer.
Since I only open one share at a time, why am I facing that limit?

I'm using these three functions:

Is there a way for samba not to open a new connection for each share?
Or is there a way to close a connection manually?

Thanks in advance.
Erwan Martin, French student.

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