libsmbclient - Thread Saftey

David Collier-Brown davecb at
Mon Oct 6 14:19:43 GMT 2008

Derrell Lipman wrote:
> Yes, all of those libsmb-* files are libsmbclient.

Ok, then there are only a few issues left in the whole directory:
froggy> cat
atof - convert string to double-precision number
     MT-Level: MT-Safe as  long  as setlocale(3C) is not
     called to change the locale.

Found in:

ctime - convert date and time to string
     MT-Level: MT-Safe with exceptions
     the ctime(), gmtime(), and localtime()  functions
     are  safe  to  use  in multithread applications because they
     employ  thread-specific  data.   However,   their   use   is
     discouraged  because  standards  do  not  require them to be
     thread-safe. Use  asctime_r(), gmtime_r() and ctime_r(),

Found in:

getpass - read a string of characters without echo
     MT-Level: MT-Unsafe

Found in:

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