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Derrell Lipman derrell.lipman at
Mon Oct 6 00:52:27 GMT 2008

On Sun, Oct 5, 2008 at 6:34 PM, David Collier-Brown <davecb at> wrote:

> Derrell Lipman wrote:
> I created the est tree with the commands:
> froggy> rm -rf v4-0-test
> froggy> git-clone git:// v4-0-test
> # cd v4-0-test
> froggy> find . -name '*smbclient*'
> ./docs-xml/Samba4-HOWTO/smbclient.xml
> ./docs-xml/manpages-3/libsmbclient.7.xml
> ./docs-xml/manpages-3/smbclient.1.xml
> ./examples/libsmbclient

If  you type "git branch" what does it tell you?   Also, what does "git
branch -r" tell you?  I expect you'll see that your current branch (shown in
the first command) isn't actually the v4-0-test branch.  I'm willing to be
proven wrong, though. :-)

>  libsmbclient is current in branch v3-2-test in source/libsmb, and in
>> branch master insource3/libsmb.
> Ok if I run froggy> rm -rf v3-2-test
> froggy> git-clone git:// v3-2-test
> froggy> find v3-2-test -name '*smbclient*'
> I don't find it, although ther are lost of libsmb
> files there.

The last parameter to git-clone is the name of the directory to create for
the clone, not anything to do with which branch is checked out.  So it looks
like the default branch that you have checked out is one of the more recent
v3-* branches.

Yes, all of those libsmb-* files are libsmbclient.



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