make proto issue

Cameron Macdonell cam at
Fri Nov 28 05:17:35 GMT 2008


I added some code to samba 3 for a project I'm working on.  This code  
is in its own directory under 'source' and consists of a header file  
and C file.  When I run make, the "make proto" target grabs the  
function definitions and adds them to "include/proto.h".  The problem  
is that the function headers contain typedef parameters that are in  
the header file and they are not included in the generated proto.h  
header and so cause the compile to fail.

So, my question is what am I doing wrong in regards to the way "make  
proto" works?  Why does "make proto" grab definitions from the C file,  
but ignore the header files?  Am I structuring my code wrong or at  
least not in the Samba way?

I can provide more details if necessary,


A. Cameron Macdonell
Ph.D. Student
Department of Computing Science
University of Alberta
cam at

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