[PATCH] i18n/l10n pam_winbind. (updated for v3-3 and higher)

Christian Perrier bubulle at debian.org
Wed Nov 12 06:09:08 GMT 2008

Quoting boyang (boyang at novell.com):
> Hi, Guenther, Jeremy:
>       Is there something wrong with the patch?
>       If there is anything wrong with the patch, please point it out.

>From the outside (but being an i18n/l10n person, I'm deeply interested
in it): Jeremy, Günther or others might just be busy or so
and had no time enough to look at your proposed patch. It will
probably happen some day when they get more free time for this. In the
meantime, I suggest not insisting too repeatedly...though I agree that
a "well, sorry I have no time enough for looking at your patch but it
is on my TODO list" message wouldn't hurt.

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