; a=shortlog; h=dos_attr_work

Henrik henke at
Tue Nov 11 09:29:27 GMT 2008

11 nov 2008 kl. 01.12 skrev Tim Prouty:

> Hi,
> The patch referenced in $SUBJECT adds support for storing dos  
> attributes as st_flags in the stat struct on systems that support it.
> Some filesystems can store dos attributes directly in the inode's  
> st_flags and access them through the stat struct.
> This patch:
>   - Adds a configure check to see if the special flags are available.
>   - Implements getting and setting dos attributes in the stat struct  
> and inode, respectively.
> This will not change the existing functionality of any system that  
> doesn't have the special flags available.
> Comment/suggestions?

Will this also include the new special attributes for Vista indicating  
if it is a Junction or Symbolik link?
I really miss that now...


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