internal error when trying to join a domain

Matthieu Patou mat at
Mon Nov 10 16:16:05 GMT 2008

Dear all,

I am running samba4 4.0.0alpha6-GIT-7d8787c as a DC.

I first run with this error with an upgraded domain.
Now I tried on a separate server with a separate realm and domain with a 
fresh installation a fresh provision ...

When I try to join the domain the only messages in the log that seems 
negative are:

[Mon Nov 10 17:24:03 2008 MSK, 0 
dcesrv_init_context: failed to find endpoint server = 'epmapper'
[Mon Nov 10 17:24:03 2008 MSK, 0 
make_connection: NTVFS make connection failed!

So I put some trace in the following function:

const struct dcesrv_endpoint_server *dcesrv_ep_server_byname(const char*name)
            int i;
            DEBUG(3,("mat DCERPC endpoint %d \n",num_ep_servers));

It appears that at startup there is 13 server and I see that endpoint 
'epmapper' is registered but when it's called in dcesrv_init_context 
(line 1325) it shows 0 endpoints.

It seems that this information is not well spread across differents 
process or one process is running the others.


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