[PATCH 0/4] dynamic DNS registration updates

Gerald (Jerry) Carter jerry at samba.org
Fri May 30 19:17:43 GMT 2008

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Thanks James,  I'll put this on my plate for next week.


James Peach wrote:
> Hi all,
> This patch series alters (hopefully for the better) the behaviour of
> "net ads dns register".
> [1/4] dns: Log the DNS error on DNS update failure.
> Map DNS error code to messages and print an error if the update is
> unsuccessful.
> [2/4] dns updates: Register name.dnsdomain instead of gethostbyname(name).
> I expect this patch to be somewhat controversial. It's not clear to me
> what the correct way to figure out the client's DNS domain is. On our
> systems, the AD join sets up a realm->DNS mapping in the MIT Kerberos
> config file. This might be different for others.
> [3/4] dns: Use writev(2) to send DNS requests in a single TCP segment.
> This should be straightforward. We just make Wireshark's life easier.
> [4/4] dns updates: Dynamically register a PTR record.
> We register a PTR record for out first IPv4 address. When DNS
> registrations get IPv6 support we should also register an IPv6 address.
> I've taken basically the simplest approach possible to registering PTR
> records. There's significant room for this to become more sophisticated.

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