[SAMBA] CVE-2008-1105 - Boundary failure when parsing SMB responses

Christian Perrier bubulle at debian.org
Thu May 29 04:43:54 GMT 2008

Quoting Gerald (Jerry) Carter (jerry at samba.org):

> My fault for now sending it to the samba-pkg-sec security list before
> then but like Jeremy said, the discussion on the vendor security list
> included a public release date and patch.

Thanks for your precisions, Jerry/Jeremy.

Actually, my misunderstanding comes from the confusion between
samba-pkg-sec and vendor-sec. I simply ignored there were two lists.

I ws also confused by the fact that, for CVE-2007-6015, CVE-2007-5398,
CVE-2007-4572, you contacted us in advance, IIRC.

> So I'll take the blame for not contacting you personally.   But this

Well, don't. I certainly don't expect you to maintain a special list
of ppl which you'd need to contact in addition of existing lists..:-)

As said, I really didn't want to put the blame anywhere but better
understand why we had this notification pretty late.

> is a good reason to have a fall back.  Certainly the debian security
> team knew about this.

Correct. So, actually, that seems to be a communication problem
between the Debian sec. team and us. No blame on them, here: they're
volunteers, just like we are, on just like in many areas in Debian
these days, the "human resources" are scarce.

Anyway, no big harm done. I have packages ready for etch now and the
packages for lenny are ready as well (3.0.30 packages in that
case). Our security team confirmed that sarge is no longer supported.

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