find_first2 lookup behaviour on Samba with a case Insensitive FS

David Disseldorp ddiss at
Thu May 29 05:10:16 GMT 2008

On Wed, 28 May 2008 21:09:32 -0700
"James Peach" <jorgar at> wrote:

> > Aside from maybe confusing users, could this behaviour cause problems
> > for applications?
> Yes this causes problems for OSX 10.5. You need to return the
> canonical on-disk case in all cases. There is a patch in the Apple
> tree to do this for Darwin.

You mean problems for the OSX 10.5 CIFS client?

> <>
> <>

Hopefully the lookup in GET_PRESERVED_NAME() will not hurt performance
too much. A kernel get_preserved call would be handy.

> IIRC, we also had some fixes to the rename path, when you rename a
> file to a case-variation of the existing name:
> <

> Was there much to do? I thought I had pushed all the HFS+
> case-insensitivity patches ...

Just had to add the XFS ioctl call to statvfs.

Cheers, Dave

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