how and where to get information about samba 4 ?

Manu manu.b2007 at
Tue May 20 23:10:39 GMT 2008

Hi Wes,

> Stuff that I had trouble with in the last few doesn't mean they
> don't work, just that my most recent basic attempts didn't bare fruit.

I have troubles with roaming profiles, It seems that particular
files/directories can't be saved to the server. I get a
STATUS_SHARING_VIOLATION error. I can't figure out why.

I have a Samba4 server and an XP client for administration and user logging.
And another domain with W2k3 server and its XP client.
I use the same admin tools on XP clients for both servers.
If I compare file permissions and other settings or if I compare network
frames when logging in/out, I can see a lot of differences.

I see an "Account Unknown" for example in files permissions.

Shared permissions are set for "Authenticated Users" under W2k3 and for
"Everyone" under S4. These settings are set in smb.conf I think.
All Samba 3 options are not implemented.

I successfully created a GPO :) Yes !!!!

> Will it be released when AD technology will be totally deprecated?
> - I personally doubt it.  Microsoft is committed to AD whether they want
> to be
> or not.  New versions of Windows "extend" the "functionality", perhaps,
> but
> the basic premise is going to be around for a while.

With Vista, 2008 server and Windows 7, users and companies may switch to
Linux. Lol. AD is useless in that case.

Let's dream that we can run a tiny AD server on a tiny Linux distribution...
I should stop dreaming :)
I just rebuilt my sources from git.

Thanks a lot, it very nice to exchange experiments ;)


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