how and where to get information about samba 4 ?

adrian hill ahill at
Tue May 20 22:12:00 GMT 2008

Wes Deviers wrote:
> Users' experiments?
> Users' questions?
> - Don't use Alpha3.  Pull from rsync; lots of improvements and there are some 
> point-in-time problems with A3 that break things and were fixed later
I'd second that, ignore the alpha3 release tarball, go straight to 
rsync. Make sure you've configured bind properly before running the 
provision script, it needs to be able to resolve the local hostname.

Once that's got for us it was as simple as ./configure, make, make 
install, provision, copy the zone file, restart bind and run smbd for a 
working DC.

File services are basic, there's no auditing, no case manipulation, etc, 
so really what you'd minimally need to run sysvol and netlogon.  You 
want samba3 servers if you're doing file servers.

I would suggest using the newer Group Policy Management plugin, ADUC was 
throwing errors about GPO permissions not matching with at least the 
alpha3 release.

Oh, Default Domain Policy is locked on enforced for some reason.

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