Problem in working with domain DFS links

Ofir Azoulay Ofir.Azoulay at
Mon May 19 06:44:24 GMT 2008


>From my short (and maybe wrong :-)) experience, in the case of the
GET_DFS_REFERRAL request, the request is for a specific path in the
current tid. The parameter for this request is in the current tid, and
so we can compare it to this tid's name and not to any connected tid.

Only the result of this request may point to another server/share.

Am I wrong here?


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On Sun, May 18, 2008 at 03:51:31PM +0300, Ofir Azoulay wrote:
> Hi,
> So this answers one of my questions :-)
> And if so, why isn't it the tid on which the specific request is

It probably is, that's an extra check I could add. But remember
I have to map the dfs sharename to a tid first.


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