Samba/NFS file locking problem

Brett B. Klingensmith Brett.Klingensmith at
Wed May 14 13:43:34 GMT 2008

Ok team,


We have been experiencing a problem with SAMBA and NFS on our REDHAT
CLUSTER.  This is a CDU device.  Attached to this device is a SAN
volume.  The SAN volume is then exported for NFS usage and shared for
SAMBA usage. The Build process calls a very high volume of files...Since
the SAMBA and NFS locking mechanisms are NOT the same, we run into file
locking issues when the file request volume is high.  


Have you ever run into this on high volume servers/clusters running NFS
and SAMBA?  If so, do you have any info for me regarding this?


Due to the busy nature of IT over the past few months, I've only worked
off and on with Redhat on this


Let me know.  Thx.






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