Problem in working with domain DFS links

Ofir Azoulay Ofir.Azoulay at
Wed May 14 07:05:31 GMT 2008

Hi Jeremy,

Seems logical :-)

However I will apply the patch into since we do not use 3.2 yet
and notify you regarding the change.

Thanks, Ofir.

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From: Jeremy Allison [mailto:jra at] 
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To: Ofir Azoulay
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Subject: Problem in working with domain DFS links

I'm working at Connectathon to fix an issue with the change we made to
remove the hostname checks in the DFS code.

The problem is RHEL5.0 shipped a CIFS client that sets the DFS bit on
pathnames but doesn't send DFS paths. This causes lookups to fail as the
smbd/msdfs.c code now just eats the first two parts of the pathname and
uses the rest as the local path. The previous hostname check used to
protect us from that as we knew that when the hostname was invalid it
was a local path (and a broken client).

I don't want to put that check back in, but came up with another idea -
even though the hostname can be a different one, the sharename must be
valid on this machine - right ? So we can check for a valid sharename

Here is a patch for 3.2-stable that implements this - please check if
it's ok in your environment.



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