[PATCH] wbcLogoffUser() & wbcLookupDomainController()

Gerald (Jerry) Carter jerry at samba.org
Mon May 12 23:20:22 GMT 2008

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Attached are patches for wbcLogoffUser() & wbcLookupDomainController()
again v3-3-test.  This incorporates the comments from previous

One comment, I left the ticket cache path in wbcLogoffUser()
in order to prevent having to link krb5 client libs in
libwbclient.so just to resolve the krb5_ccname and also to
allow nmore flexibility for root user to be able to logoff
a user and remove the user's ccache.  The alternative is to
set a flag and just have winbindd do this internally and
not allow an arbitrary ccname passed across in the call.

I'll lookat the wbcLogonUser() next.  but that is really just
wbcAuthenticateUser() and passing back a blob.  Also need to
review passing back the krb5 ccache path name in
wbcAuthenticateUser() so this might just be a generic extension
to that call.

The wbcChangePassword() should be easy following that.

So that should finish up everything we've discussed so far.

Note: the patches are against v3-3-test but based on the
discussion people seemed to prefer to get this into v3-2-test
if the work was completed before the rc1 release on the 23rd.

cheers, jerry
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