[PATCH] spnego SPN fix when contacting trusted domains

Steven Danneman steven.danneman at isilon.com
Fri May 9 01:20:47 GMT 2008

> Just for clarification, 002 is the one you really want us to
> review/integrate - yes ? 001 is a demonstration of a hack fix
> for the problem ?

Sorry, my message was a bit confusing.

0002 is the patch I want you to review/integrate.  In applying it from
my 3.0.24 codebase to 3.0.28a, I found another blocking bug that exists
in 3.0.28a.

I didn't have time to also thoroughly fix it, so 0001 is a quick hack
fix for this blocking bug, that should be applied before 0002 so you can
see that 0002 works.  However, the bug fixed by 0001 needs to be
addressed first. 

I can file a more specific bug report on the issue fixed by 0001.

Bah, this is confusing.  I'm on IRC for the next 40 minutes if you want
to hash it out.


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