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Wed May 7 15:04:18 GMT 2008

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Karolin Seeger wrote:
> Jerry,
> I am still going through the revert/merge lists. What about your
> 5a270bc99f52483f168d662d843672d05be74473 (Winbind: Prevent cycle in
> children list when reaping dead child processes.)?
> Should this one be in v3-2-stable? Or reverted in v3-2-test?

Needs to be in v3-2-stable.  It's a nasty bug to reproduce
but here is the summary.

    The parent winbindd process will reap any children
    that are not responding.  As part of killing the stalled
    child, the event handlers for that child are also
    removed.  Internally However we reuse the data
    structure containing information about the domain
    that the defunt child process was handling.
    So when we re-connect the child to the domain, we
    were re-adding the structure to the interal list of
    child processes which resulted in an infinite loop when
    processing messages for childen.

    One reason for the high CPU usage on my laptop was
    transitioning to offline mode.   The parent winbindd
    daemon was stuck in a loop continually trying to tell
    the same child to go offline.

Jeremy was confident enough to sign off on it for the v3-0
branch as well

cheers, jerry
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