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Christian Perrier bubulle at
Tue May 6 05:01:59 GMT 2008

Quoting Khoem Sokhem (khoemsokhem at
> Dear List member,
> I am Sokhem Khoem, a translation coordinator of Khmer Software Initiative 
> Project called KhmerOS ( I and my team have translated many 
> softwares into Khmer language (the official language of Cambodia) such as: 
> OpenOffice, KDE, openSUSE, Moodle, Drupal, Firefox, thunderbird,...

...a lot of stuff in Debian....(including the installer and therefore
the Ubuntu installer as well)...which by the way needs some updates..:-)

> Now we are teaching Linux (openSUSE) including samba configuration to the 
> Master trainers. During the training we have talked about samba configuration 
> and SWAT, and trainees ask us to translate SWAT into Khmer for them, and we 
> agreed with them about this. 
> So, I want to ask you about the translation of SWAT? Where can I get .po files 
> for SWAT? Is it available via SVN? 
> Please give me your useful guide about this and hope hear from you soon.

A while ago, I coordinated a round of translation updates for
SWAT. You might find traces of this in the archives of the Debian
debian-i18n list as I sollicited  new translations in that list. I
don't have the archives handy right now, but check around April-May

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