[Samba] Re: Samba Volunteer job postings at http://news.samba.org/

Gerald (Jerry) Carter jerry at samba.org
Mon May 5 12:17:51 GMT 2008

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Gerald (Jerry) Carter wrote:

> ===================
> The Samba Team is looking for people to help keep our user
> community information current, covering development news,
> releases, general news, and events. The scope of the
> positions will be to:
>     * Gather stories, summaries, and content for the
>       bi-weekly Samba Mashup Report (community newsletter)
>     * Work on the active content at http://news.samba.org/
> We are looking initially for two volunteers to help us. If
> you are interested in helping, please send a short mail to
> web-editor at samba.org describing why you think you would be a
> good match.
> ===================

There was a glitch in the wbe-editor email alias that has been
resolved now.  I'm assuming that the lack of response is just
due to email bouncing back :-)

cheers, jerry
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