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Hi James,

Am Samstag, den 03.05.2008, 00:20 +0100 schrieb James Tandy:
> The API idea sounds excellent, and if the conccept of swat is to live at 
> all, I would like to volunteer to help produce (or continue developing) 
> and maintain a web interface, which could be shipped with samba4, and 
> utilise the new API (the new SWAT perhaps?)
> I am a PHP developer, and also have experience of ASP/
> I've looked through the swat directory provided with the alpha3 release 
> but it makes little sense to me! (all i can guess is that you are using 
> a custom http server, and those files are the format is uses)
> Despite this, I would be willing to learn whatever language the current 
> swat is written in as i for one find it an incredibly useful tool, and i 
> wouldn't like to see it disappear in samba 4.
Thanks, that would be very welcome! The SWAT that was in alpha3 didn't
function at all and while it was part of the source tarball, it was

The current idea is to write a new SWAT in Python, utilizing the Python
bindings that are available for Samba 4. This could ideally be done
using the wsgiref interface, which would allow you to run SWAT using
Apache (with mod_python), as a standalone application (using the web
server that comes with Python) or even as part of smbd (once I manage to
add the required code to our built-in web server). 

We don't have code at the moment for SWAT, other than the HTTP
implementation and the defunct EJS implementation.

I'd be happy to help you get started on this. It should very well be
possible to create the new SWAT as a different project, i.e. not as part
of the main Samba 4 repository initially to keep things simple.


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