ERRnofiles listing large directory

Michael B Allen ioplex at
Thu May 1 21:59:47 GMT 2008


I'm seeing ERRnofiles (0x80000006) from what I'm pretty sure is
TRANS2_FIND_NEXT2 on a large directory with 3.0.14a.

The customer says the error is with "mostly Samba" but that it could
also be unique to Samba.

Under what conditions does Samba return ERRnofiles?

What could my code be doing that could cause such an error?

The client is doing TRANS2_FIND_NEXT2 on a directory with thousands of
files but it doesn't get them all so it sounds like the error is not a
harmless "There are no more files" type of error as it was originally

The error only happens after the client (JCIFS) is crawling for 10+
hours and I'm trying to narrow down if the issue is in my code or on
the server. Any insight would be appreciated.


Michael B Allen
PHP Active Directory SPNEGO SSO

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