Question on lp_load() and smb_iconv_open()

Brad Hards bradh at
Thu May 1 10:32:29 GMT 2008

source/param/loadparm.c, line 2477 (in lp_load()) calls smb_iconv_open() (in 
lib/charset/iconv.c). That ends up calling the system iconv_open().

There is a smb_iconv_close() function (which calls the system iconv_close()) 
to clean up. However loadparm.c doesn't appear to call it. It doesn't even 
store the 

I'm not sure how to fix this. The easiest way would appear to be some kind of 
lp_unload() that gets the smb_iconv_t back from the lib/util/dprintf.c static 
variable, and then calls smb_iconv_close().

Comments, suggestions, or patches most welcome...


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