DFS pathname issues

Shilpa K shilpa.krishnareddy at gmail.com
Mon Mar 31 20:24:09 GMT 2008


We have configured samba as member server to domain. A windows client opens
a file on one of the shares say, CIFSSHARE for reading. The full path of the
file being cifsshare\folder\filename.sgm. The samba version we are using is

The exact sequence of events that takes place b/n server and client are:

1. Client sends NTCreateAndX to open the file,
\machinename\cifsshare\folder\filename.sgm and server responds back in
around 30ms.

2. Client sends QUERY_FILE_INFO to query file internal info about the file
opened in Step 1. Server responds back in around 10-15ms.

3. Cient sends a ReadAndX request to read 4096 bytes of data at a particular
offset say 0 in the file (I have specified 0 as offset because rest of the
operations are quite repitive to the first set of operations). Server
responds back with requested 4096 bytes of data almost immediatly (less than

4. Now, client sends close request to close the file to which server
responds back after closing the file in around 30ms. So far so good except
for the time delay for responses and ReadAndX request being an exception to

5. Now, client sends QUERY_PATH_INFO command to obtain information about the
file "\machinename\cifsshare\machinename\cifsshare\folder\filename.sgm.

And server responds back with error message "STATUS_OBJECT_NAME_NOT_FOUND".

NOTE: \machinename\cifsshare is repeated twice

And the odd part:
6. Now, the client repeats the same operations 1 - 5 (except step 2) for the
same offset value 0. This happens 4 times in a row. For the 5th attempt,
client tries to read 32K bytes at 0 offset and almost the same operations
repeat for some more time until clients starts reading at a different offset
after opening the file.

I see that when a client sends path of the format,
\machinename\cifsshare\folder\filename.sgm, the DFS routines appropriately
take care of converting this to correct path. But the DFS routines does not
seem to handle the situation when the path sent by the client is of the


Could you please let me know whether the client is doing something wrong or
whether SAMBA is not handling this type of path correctly?

Also, I tried disabling DFS on SAMBA by adding "host msdfs = no" in the
SMB.CONF file under the [global] section. In the traces, I see that the
client still sends the GET_DFS_REFERRAL request. Also, most of the requests
contain DFS path format filenames. How can I force clients to not to send
DFS requests when they interact with SAMBA?

Thanks in advance!


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