[patch 3 of 3] 3.2 test - categorize profiling

David Disseldorp ddiss at sgi.com
Mon Mar 31 00:01:09 GMT 2008

patch 2 is awaiting moderator approval as it is over the 128 KB limit.

Patches against v3-2-test (in apply order)
  - remove the unused DO_PROFILE_ADD() macro from smbprofile.h
  - patch by Alison Winters

  - don't store writecache_flushed_writes stats in a separate array.
  - patch by Alison Winters

  - allow profiling to be enabled on a per category/action basis
  - store all profiling counters in an array
  - use enums as indexes to stats storage and name/category mapping
  - concept based on a patch by Alison Winters

do_not_use_printf_star (*Attached*)
 - categorize_profiling uses the '*' field width specifier with
   printf. Apparently Solaris libc does not support this.

cat_prof_man_page_update (*Attached*)
  - explain how to use category:action profile level argument
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