Use of mmap in Samba 3

Cam Macdonell cam at
Thu Mar 27 23:03:25 GMT 2008


I am curious if there are any circumstances under which a Samba Server 
would mmap a file.  I did a quick search through the code and most uses 
of mmap seem to point to tdb and ldb.  Is mmap used for the databases or 
are files ever mmaped?  Such as for better performance.

If found the following comment in source/lib/replace/test/shared_mmap.c:

/* this tests whether we can use a shared writeable mmap on a file -
as needed for the mmap variant of FAST_SHARE_MODES */

as well as the smb.conf parameter "use mmap" but it refers to debugging 
tdb code.

However, I wasn't able to find any more information in the documentation.


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