Should You Fire Your Average Performing Sales People?

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Could You Benefit From a Sales Process that Guides Your Customer Relationships?  


Lately I notice an increase in articles and blogs stating the average salesperson will soon be edged out of their positions due to their lack of ability to "provide solutions".  Customers now look for a supplier of quality solutions in addition to quality products and services.  The consensus seems to be that not all sales professionals have the innate ability to formulate such a solution for their customer.

I agree, customers seek relationships with suppliers that will help solve their issues and the sales professional of tomorrow had better be able to provide such a solution.

What I do not agree with is the belief that only the superstars possess the skill necessary to generate a solution.  In my opinion, a solid process will provide the average sales person the ability necessary to generate quality solutions involving their products and services.

With a process firmly in place, reinforced through coaching by management, to guide salespeople through the phases of the sale, including the development of a solution, I say the average sales person not only survives, but also thrives.

Before replacing the average sales people within your organization, I recommend you seek out a fool proof systematic process that will provide your entire sales team with a map of the sales cycle leading them to the inevitable conclusion:  winning the deal.   

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Creating the Right Team-Hiring
Is there really a right way to hir new employees?By  Michael Hendren

Creating the Right Team-Hiring-One of my management principles is to hire slow and fire fast. When I say this, particularly on firing fast, the typical response is it sounds like a harsh policy. In fact, it is based on love and respect for the individual. On the front end, hiring is like a life and death decision  for the individual, the company, and the manager.Think of the impact on the potential employee and his family if your hiring decision is wrong. H s excited about his future, his family is proud of him, and he feels good about himself. If the hiring manager has not done a thorough job in making the hiring decision, a destructive and hurtful chain of events will unfold.Click here to read the entire article 


 Quantum Tip of the week   
Why should a manger rush out and hire bodies just because he got a budgeted headcount when the hiring act has such a profound effect on the company and the individual?

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     Should You Fire your Average Sales People? 


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