samba4 and vista SP1 member

Scott Lovenberg scott.lovenberg at
Mon Mar 24 01:32:24 GMT 2008

Stephen Roylance wrote:
> Scott Lovenberg wrote:
>> Stephen Roylance wrote:
>>> I upgraded my vista system to SP1 and it seems my domain membership 
>>> with samba4 has broken.  I unjoined the system from the domain and 
>>> am unable to rejoin.
>>> I have debug level 5 logs from the time around the rejoin, the only 
>>> indications of failure I see are a few instances of these two lines:
>>> Kerberos: Failed to decrypt enc-authorization-data
>>> Kerberos: Failed parsing TGS-REQ from
>>> Any advice appreciated.
>>> -Steve
>> Did it create a new SID?
> I deleted the machine account with phpldapadmin, the attempted join 
> process did not create a new one.
Arg.  I assume your clocks are synced up to within a tolerable amount (I 
don't know if SP1 changes time server settings or anything - I've not 
yet had the pleasure of supporting it ;) ) of time for krb?  Just a 
knee-jerk reaction, but I always overlook the simple stuff, personally.

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