Samba and Application Response Measurement (ARM 4.0)

James Peach jorgar at
Sun Mar 23 22:42:24 GMT 2008

On 23/03/2008, David Collier-Brown <davecb at> wrote:
>   You want to look at your OS's code for time measurement: at
>  least two free OSs implement something like gethrtime() as
>  a call which does an entry/ring-crossing, reads one hardware
>  register and returns.  Others do a full system call (:-()

The problem with using this type of clock is that typically you want
to measure some elapsed time (ie. difference between 2 timestamps).
You don't want to be comparing CPU time registers from 2 different

>  My leaky memory says Linux is one of the fast ones, but
>  it's architecture dependant, too...

yes, very system and architecture dependent ...

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