guest login with security = share with 3.2.0-pre2 + support for a smb client named Dave3.1 in MacOS 9

Michael Adam ma at
Thu Mar 20 16:10:31 GMT 2008

Hi Yannick,

yaberger at wrote:
> Since it was the 3.2.0 bugzilla day yesterday, I've tried to build 
> 3.2.0-stable on my AIX 5.3 TL7 box.
Thanks for testing and reporting!

> Problem 1
> So far, I've used a smb.conf that allow my users to have public access.
> This is one of the two build I'm using (the other one is a build with aix 
> authentication and loginrestrictions)
> This configuration is working fine with 3.0.25. I've also made some change 
> since some default values have changed between this pre-release and 3.0.25
> My problem is with the following commit:        
> the last if block, ie if (!pass),  isn't allowing a guest connection with 
> the following windows command and security = share
> net use * \\server.domain\sharename
> I've tried to comment the if block and it's now working as I expected.
> So I'm wondering what is the purpose to check if the password is null. If 
> the problem is only related to security = share, should it be
> if (! pass && lp_security() != SEC_SHARE) {
This problem is spotted correctly. I have just pushed a patch
to branch v3-2-test that fixes it.
(The check for SEC_SHARE is put in a different place, but
essentially, you were right.)

I am now evaluating problem 2.

Cheers - Michael

> Problem 2
> I've reported this one back in june 2007 when I was testing 3.0.25 with 
> some of our client. Some of them are running on MacOS9 with a smb client 
> named Dave3.1
> Unfortunately, they weren't able to authenticate after we've upgraded from 
> 3.0.11 to 3.0.25
> The exact reason can also be seen in this commit:       
> The small part that was englobed in the #if 0 #endif
> the old one, working with MacOS9 using Dave3.1
> if ((ra_type == RA_WINNT) && (passlen2 == 0) && unic && passlen1) {
> the new one, not working with MacOS9 using Dave3.1
> if (unic && (passlen2 == 0) && passlen1) {
> I'm currently maintaining my build with the old version of this if block, 
> but I would like to know if it would be possible to rollback it

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