Testing samba4

Matthieu PATOU mat at matws.net
Mon Mar 17 23:21:40 GMT 2008

>> It seems that by default the winbind is not completely compiled.
>> Is it possible to compile it and test it ?
> Winbind is a component of smbd (which handles everything) these days.
> It will start automatically, but as we don't yet have nss_winbind (the
> client stubs) ported to Samba4 at the moment, it doesn't do much. 
Right I notice it later after some sleep ...
> With some work currently being done, we should have the other parts
> (idmap in particular) to allow this soon. 
I understand that the client part is not working, but if the server is working, and the smbd debug logs reports it is,
the following command should work ?
/usr/local/samba# ./bin/wbinfo --configfile=lib/smb.conf -p

Instead I have :
Ping to winbindd failed on fd -1
could not ping winbindd!

Matthieu Patou

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