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Alexander Bokovoy ab at
Mon Mar 17 10:35:47 GMT 2008

Karolin Seeger пишет:
> Hi Jerry, hi list,
> the auto generated manpages (
>  contain a lot of strange characters like "⌂SH" (see bug
> #5303).
> Which system creates these docs?
> I have an OpenSUSE 10.3 system which builds proper manpages, but I am
>  not sure if it is a version issue or something like that.
I'm chasing this bug and it seems it is reproducible in Ubuntu Gutsy and
some other distributions but not reproducible in latest OpenSUSE
releases. It is an issue of combination of XSLT stylesheets from
upstream and our manpages' pre-processing xslt.

> Would it be possible to use selfmade manpages for the next release? 
> Or should we change the system on which the manpages are generated 
> currently? Are there any other suggestions?
We certainly could include self-produced documentation but I'd rather
find and fix the bug. Timing is more of issue, of course, if you'd like
to release soon.

> It seems as 'make release' does not build all docs needed for a 
> release, right? Can we add the missing targets? Or is there any other
>  magic happening in the manpages of the day?
Could you please list what isn't built by 'make release'? This can be

/ Alexander Bokovoy
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