No legacy mount possible at all ANYMORE? - the kernel option CONFIG_CIFS_WEAK_PW_HASH

Guenter Kukkukk linux at
Sat Mar 15 04:33:24 GMT 2008

if (smbfs_has_been_removed && kernel_has_been_build_without_CONFIG_CIFS_WEAK_PW_HASH) {
     printf ("Sorry, 2008 - you cannot mount ANY legacy server anymore!\n");

 - the kernel module smbfs.ko will be removed very soon.
 - also the (original!!!) samba userland helpers smbmount,
   smbmnt and smbumount

The daily answer "just mount cifs" is _critical_ regarding
legacy servers like win9x/me, os/2, dos, ...

Even if cifs vfs would support all features of smbfs -
which is NOT the case - there's is a REAL problem NOW:

   if the todays or future kernels are _not_ build with
   CONFIG_CIFS_WEAK_PW_HASH, then _all_ legacy support
   just has _gone_ !

Any _new_ legacy additions to cifs vfs would be worthless,
cause the _mount_ would not succeed at all.

I feel a bit "flooded" by distro users, where smbfs has
already been removed and cifs vfs has not been build for legacy
usuage! Oh well ...
The new debian/ubuntu re-written "faking" smbmount and smbumount
do not help at all - to me, that's "silly nonsense" - sorry!

 - leaving smbfs (and related stuff) in place
 - inform all distro maintainers about this
 - drop legacy mount support completely (!?)
 - build 2 versions of cifs vfs
   - one without CONFIG_CIFS_WEAK_PW_HASH
   will lead to troubles with the distro maintainers
 - the legacy customer has to build his own kernel

Just my 2 cents.
Cheers, Guenter

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