[SAMBA4][PATCH] Provide extended error information (bz #5277)

Andrew Kroeger andrew at sprocks.gotdns.com
Thu Mar 13 06:28:47 GMT 2008


Thanks to abartlet on IRC for pointing out I was throwing raw bytes on
the wire without care for byte ordering.  These 2 files replace the
previous ones and should take care of the problem correctly.

Andrew Kroeger

Andrew Kroeger wrote:
> All:
> The attached patches allow the KDC to send extended error information
> back to the client in the e-data portion of the response.  This extended
> information allows the client to identify the specific cause of the
> error.  Windows uses this information to display user dialogs with
> additional details.
> This solves the last remaining issue with bz #5277.
> Thanks,
> Andrew Kroeger

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