Rename and Stream tests

Stefan (metze) Metzmacher metze at
Wed Mar 12 17:59:44 GMT 2008

Hi Jeremy,

your nttrans rename test was wrong.

The name isn't updated after the close...
And your "checking open" to verify the file was renamed
is wrong as the open creates a new file.

It turns out that NTTRANS-RENAME is broken in w2k3 (at least)
and it's a noop. I've updated the test to demonstrate this.

I'm not sure if it's also related to your smbd changes,
but the RAW-STREAMS tests also fails now.

Testing RAW-STREAMS (1)
Using seed 1205341664
(torture/raw/streams.c:194) opening non-existant directory stream
(torture/raw/streams.c:210) creating a stream on a non-existant file
(torture/raw/streams.c:219) check that open of base file is allowed
(torture/raw/streams.c:226) writing to stream
(torture/raw/streams.c:240) modifying stream
(torture/raw/streams.c:248) creating a stream2 on a existing file
(torture/raw/streams.c:255) modifying stream
(torture/raw/streams.c:275) deleting stream
(torture/raw/streams.c:281) delete a stream via delete-on-close
(torture/raw/streams.c:310) deleting file
(torture/raw/streams.c:337) testing stream share mode conflicts
(torture/raw/streams.c:352) Incorrect status NT_STATUS_DELETE_PENDING -
should be NT_STATUS_OK
(torture/raw/streams.c:426) opening non-existant directory stream
(torture/raw/streams.c:441) Incorrect status NT_STATUS_DELETE_PENDING -
should be NT_STATUS_OK

For me it seems that somehow the share mode entry for the stream isn't
cleared after the close of the main file.


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