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Kurthermal wrote:
> Maybe I am not asking this question on the right list ?
> Kurthermal a écrit :
>> Hello,
>> I'm writting an application running on a Samba PDC that has to give
>> rights depending on the user who's logged on a client of the NT domain.
>> I've noticed that in some cases, 'net status sessions' returns several
>> sessions of different users on a same windows client (for ex. a client
>> machine that has wildly been rebooted). I've also noticed that at
>> logon, a XP box connects, disconnects, (...), connects this prevent me
>> from getting username at any time.
>> How can I get this information in a sure way ?
>> Is there a RPC that can help me ?

You can only get currently open sessions against a file server
but not these will not report a client logged onto a workstation that
has no SMB sessions open.

cheers, jerry
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