[PATCH] Augmented "wbinfo -m" to list additional information aboutthe type, direction, and transitivty of trusts.

Steven Danneman steven.danneman at isilon.com
Tue Mar 11 04:02:12 GMT 2008

> > this will break gdm and kdm as they use "wbinfo -m"
> > to get the domain list.
> >
> > There should be a --verbose option or another letter
> > to get this output.
> I agree with Andreas.  If you could make the additional
> details optional that would be perfect.

Good points on not breaking existing behavior.  I've modified the patch
to use a new --verbose switch in wbinfo to obtain the additional trust

"wbinfo -m" and "wbinfo --all-domains" will return a newline separate
list of trusted domains as before.  "wbinfo --verbose -m" will return
the pretty printed list of domains with additional trust information.

> Guenter wrote:
> Yeah, good idea. Maybe you can use some of those nice ndr_print
helpers to > format your display buffer inside winbind. So that the
wbinfo caller just > needs to print out the already formatted buffer
from the extra_data field.

Thanks for the input.  I decided to stick with the '\' separated text
fields for now, partly because it serves my needs of also making this
work on our modified 3.0.x branch where the ndr_print_* functions don't
exist.  Also, I feel like proper layering would dictate the formatting
be handled by the utility and not the content provider.

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