Samba WAN Accelerator

Amin Azez azez at
Mon Mar 10 09:26:28 GMT 2008

Hi Adam, I just noticed this message.

I've been developing this since October last year.

I'm finishing off bugs for the first useful phase.


* Adam Goryachev wrote, On 04/03/08 03:30:
> We asked some time ago if it was possible to use samba in a clustered
> type of fashion See
> for the details.
> If anyone is capable and/or interested in developing this as a paid
> project (with the resulting code to be released as open source back to
> the samba project), please contact me by email. Basically, implementing
> an alternative system using some sort of WAN Accelerator would cost
> around $40,000 so we are looking at spending this money on improving the
> open source solutions rather than paying for a closed source system with
> limited growth options/customisations/etc.
> Regards,
> Adam

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