Packaging Samba 3.2 w/ GPLv3 and Supporting Libraries

Scott Lovenberg scott.lovenberg at
Thu Mar 6 14:49:46 GMT 2008

Just a quick question about creating Slackware packages for Samba-3.2.0; 
with the GPLv3, does this affect any of the required libs WRT linking 
and/or packaging them in the same tarball with samba?

For instance, do I have to link anything as shared and include a link to 
the library instead of just linking statically and adding it to the 
.tgz?  That is, for including say, openLDAP or mod_auth_ntlm (I think 
that's apache license), or anything else not defaulting to the samba 
package proper?  Also, will there be any license conflicts with MySQL (I 
don't think they're a straight GPL for the AB version)?

If anyone knows the particulars off the top of their head, it would be 
greatly appreciated as it would save me duplicating a great deal of 
research that I'm sure was already done before switching to GPLv3.  I'm 
a bit fuzzy on what licenses are allowed to link to what, and which have 
to be installed separately WRT the new GPL (or the old one for that 
matter)!  Thank you for your time.

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