libsmbclient revamp - need opinions quickly

James Peach jorgar at
Mon Mar 3 17:43:13 GMT 2008

On 03/03/2008, Derrell Lipman <derrell.lipman at> wrote:
> I've received feedback from Volker and Andrew, both thinking that no
>  change to the libsmbclient API should be made.  Volker suggested a
>  parallel libsmbclient where one maintains the status quo, and the
>  other is for future improvements.  As a review, my changes are ABI
>  compatible so existing applications, already compiled, will continue
>  to run fine, but I have changed the field names of the context
>  structure so that recompilations will encounter errors (by intention),
>  the user will look at the header file and see that they should now be
>  using the getter/setter interface rather than reading/writing the
>  context structure members, and older programs will eventually all
>  migrate to the new interface.
>  I have two choices here.  I can retain what I've done and eat any
>  criticism I receive from users; or I can switch the context structure
>  back to its original form (original field names), but retain all of
>  the "deprecated" comments so that new programs will use the new
>  interface.

You could also annotate these with the gcc deprecated attribute. But
presumably you would also need to define a cut-off point where you
would actually remove the obsolete interfaces.

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