[PATCH] Augmented "wbinfo -m" to list additional information aboutthe type, direction, and transitivty of trusts.

Andreas Schneider anschneider at suse.de
Mon Mar 3 10:35:07 GMT 2008

Steven Danneman wrote:
> Now it'll return:
> sd-4428-1# bin/wbinfo -m
> Domain Name                        Trust Type  Transitive  Incoming
> Outgoing
> lorg.west.isilon.com               None        Yes         Yes       Yes
> SD-4428-1                          None        Yes         Yes       Yes
> BUILTIN                            None        Yes         Yes       Yes
> c2.lorg.west.isilon.com            In Forest   Yes         Yes       Yes
> c3.lorg.west.isilon.com            In Forest   Yes         Yes       Yes
> c1.lorg.west.isilon.com            In Forest   Yes         Yes       Yes
> twok3.isilon.com                   Forest      Yes         Yes       Yes
> 2k3-ms.isilon.com                  External    No          No        Yes
> w2k8.west.isilon.com               Forest      Yes         Yes       Yes
> sd2k3ms2.west.isilon.com           External    No          Yes       Yes
> gc1.c1.lorg.west.isilon.com        In Forest   Yes         Yes       Yes
> ggc1.gc1.c1.lorg.west.isilon.com   In Forest   Yes         Yes       Yes


this will break gdm and kdm as they use "wbinfo -m" to get the domain list.

There should be a --verbose option or another letter to get this output.

	-- andreas

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