Find Applied GPOs with RSOP.msc

nathanieljp nathanieljp at
Sun Mar 2 13:07:02 GMT 2008

Have you tried running RSOP? If not, on the WinXP machine simply type
"rsop.msc" into "Start Menu"->"Run".  This will open "Resultant Set of
Policy" which will show you the Group Policy settings that have been applied
to the machine and user.  It should also tell you any problems/errors that
it found when processing the GPOs.

On Win2000 I don't think RSOP.msc existed, instead you will have to use
gpresult.  Open up "Start Menu"->"Run"->"cmd.exe" then type "gpresult.exe". 
This should do the same as rsop but in text format inside cmd.  If
"gpresult.exe" is not installed, you should be able to obtain it from the
Windows 2000 Server Resource Kit.

If you prefer "gpresult.exe" to rsop.msc it should also work in WinXP.

Hope this helps,
Nathaniel JP

Richard Hurt-2 wrote:
> Update: I changed the IE title bar and set the Home URL and both  
> changes were applied correctly to my test accounts.  I tested on both  
> WinXP Pro & Win2000 Pro.  So, it looks like at least some of the GPO  
> settings work, just maybe not the Security ones.
> Later...
>    Richard
>>> So far I've only used group policies to hide the recycle bin (which
>>> seems to work, after the right logout/login games).  What is the  
>>> client
>>> in this case?
>> I haven't tried to hide the recycle bin but I can give it a shot and  
>> see what happens.  :)  I have two machines in my lab; 1 XP SP2 & 1  
>> Win 2000.  Neither of them seem to take any of the settings I have  
>> tried so far.
>> Later...
>>  Richard

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