[PATCH] Augmented "wbinfo -m" to list additional information about the type, direction, and transitivty of trusts.

Steven Danneman steven.danneman at isilon.com
Sat Mar 1 02:20:04 GMT 2008

Hey Jerry,

We had a need for additional information about trusted domains to be
available through CLI tools.  This patch plumbs the necessary
information out through a WINBINDD_LIST_TRUSTDOM request then pretty
prints it by doing a "wbinfo -m".

In doing this I ran across a bug in the trust spider logic, where when
joined to a child domain, we'd overwrite known tdc entries with
incorrect trust_flags from the perspective of our forest root.  I fixed
that bug in this patch as well.

This moves one more code section from using the domain_list for trust
information to only using the winbindd_tdc_cache.  Ideally, I can keep
cleaning up this code until I can remove the trust information entirely
from the winbindd_domain struct.  I also believe there's no reason now
to pass back trusted domain information from
winbindd_ads.c:trusted_domains() as a string in the state->extra_data
field, because all trusted domains are stored in the globally available
winbindd_tdc_cache, and the information in that cache is updated every
time we call trusted_domains().  If I have time I'll prune out that
redundant code as well.

Let me know if you have any questions or would like to see parts of this
done differently.  I'll be on vacation next week, but will get back to
you after that. 

Steven Danneman | Software Development Engineer
Isilon Systems    P +1-206-315-7500     F +1-206-315-7501

How breakthroughs begin. (tm)
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